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Cover: The Voyage of the Sea Wolf

Ahoy ye mateys! Clamber on board the Sea Wolf for a salty adventure.

As the first in Bunting’s new series ended, 15-year-old Catherine, The Pirate Captain’s Daughter (2011), had been marooned on a desolate island with William, cabin boy and love of her young life, and the situation was looking grim. They’re rather fortuitously rescued by the Sea Wolf, captained by superstitious red-haired pirate Medb, a spirited and domineering woman. Medb is immediately smitten with William and determines to claim him as her own, whether or not the young lovers agree. Sebastian, the captain’s wily assistant, comes to Catherine’s aid, but the situation is still fraught with peril as they sail off toward a confrontation with a treasure ship. Like the first in the series, this effort is plot driven, but there’s enough lusty adventure to sustain those pirate fans who may find Catherine’s introspective yearning for William an unnecessary distraction from swashbuckling. It’s a swift read with a strong female protagonist, a bit of romance and plenty of action. The grittiness of the situation is both informative and a bit disgusting: The pirates, for example, have a handy restroom—they haul themselves out over the sea in a net that features conveniently placed hole. Aye, tis true.

“Listen now, ye belly-whackers,” pirate fans are sure to savor this seafaring adventure and crave another in the series. (Historical fiction. 10-14)

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