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For young Finn and her hound, Skeeter, exploring the outdoors becomes a somewhat pungent adventure and a vehicle to introduce readers to identifying commonly known animals through their tracks and, particularly, droppings. From the onset, the pair encounters—and sometimes steps in—a progression of animal excrement: “With one trip-slip, Finn’s foot goes splat. Oh no! Right into . . . rabbit scat!” Further encounters include goose, raccoon, and bird poop. Back at home, Finn’s nose-pinching mom discovers the source of the horrendous smell: Finn’s footwear. This picture book’s bouncy rhymes, humor and puns, and colorful, cartoonish illustrations keep things on the lighter side. Straightforward supplemental information on each animal relates characteristics and behaviors while also further detailing track traits and scat habits. The squeamish might balk at times (rabbits “eat their own poop”; skunk scat can have “insect wings, legs, and other parts sticking out”), and some may wonder why Finn doesn’t become more observant about where she treads. A preface includes definitions of the word scat.

—Shelle Rosenfeld

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