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Off the northwest Florida coast, four islands form an estuary where fresh water from the Apalachicola River mixes with salt water from the Gulf of Mexico: Apalachicola Bay. The book describes the bay’s rich diversity of plants and animals, from seagrass beds to tupelo honey
trees, from flounder to loggerhead turtles and manatees. Threats to the region’s ecosystem include invasive species, pollution of the Apalachicola River, and lingering effects from the devastating Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Weber packs a good bit of introductory information into this accessible presentation. The color illustrations include a map, a diagram of the Apalachicola watershed, and many helpful photos of the area and its wildlife. With little children’s nonfiction available on American bays, the Learn about Earth’s Systems: Bays series (8 titles) will fill gaps in many collections.

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