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When a young robin falls from his nest, Bear helps out by lifting him into a tree, thus cementing a new friendship in this story about the cycle of life. Throughout that season and for many years to come, the young bird and old bear meet in the meadow sharing berries and conversation. Only during the winter, when Bird has migrated and Bear is hibernating, are the two apart. Bird is heartbroken one spring when he returns to the meadow and Bear is gone. His sorrow is mitigated when he makes a new friend that has much in common with the old bear. Bright, guileless pen-and-ink and watercolor illustrations vary in size and gently show the age-old story of life and loss. The simple shapes, outlined in black, and clear, pleasing colors will appeal to young children. Pair this with Mo Willem’s City Dog, Country Frog (2010) for a similar tale with a hopeful ending.

—Maryann Owen

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