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Cover: Real World Math: Geography

Temperatures aside, there’s no doubting that lava is cooler than division, which is why the high-interest topic of this title in the Real World Math: Geography series should help attract attention to practical applications of mathematics. Nestor clearly outlines the different types of volcanoes, how they are formed, and where they are found as well as details on the magma, ash, gases, and rocks associated with them. Additionally, he includes a few gripping accounts of eruptions, and just about every other page features a math problem that challenges kids to combine basic arithmetic with what they’re learning about volcanoes. It’s a ploy that could easily be obtrusive, but it works well to demonstrate how numbers do play a vital role in everyday life. Picturesque landscape photos capture the majesty of some of the world’s more famous volcanoes, though some may be disappointed to find only a few shots of fiery mayhem. Overall, a well executed subject-blender great for classroom use.

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