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Pirates & Privateers Reviews "No Pirates Allowed! said Library Lou"

Cover: No Pirates Allowed! Said Library Lou

The sudden and unexpected appearance of smelly Big Pirate Pete and his squawking parrot Igor cause a ruckus in Seabreezy Library, a perfect place for readers. His map shows just where the treasure is buried, but he can’t figure out where the X is located in the library. The only one brave enough to stand up to him is Lou the Librarian, and she makes it abundantly clear the library does not permit pirates unless . . . .

No Pirates Allowed! Said Library Lou is a delightful tale about pirates, librarians, and the importance of knowing how to read. It’s great for reading aloud, and the various sizes of print make it clear to young pirates whether it’s time to whisper, talk in a normal voice, or shout. While the portrayal of librarians tends to be hair in a bun, glasses, and always saying shhh!, Greene portrays Lou with gumption and the smarts to trick a pirate into lowering his voice and learning about books without his realizing that’s what’s happening. Big Pete is the epitome of a pirate, with his tricorne hat, constantly shouting Arrgh!, and showing disregard for others, yet he’s willing to take a chance if it means he’ll locate the treasure.

The vibrant artwork that accompanies the text is expressive, the perfect mix of humor and reality. Young pirates will have no trouble using the pictures to tell the story, even if they haven’t yet mastered reading. Ajhar portrays the library with both high tech and those old-fashioned objects known as books. The combination of his pictures and Greene’s words make this a tale to be treasured for many generations to come.

—Cindy Vallar

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