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With this entry in the Makers as Innovators Junior series, children will be able to create their own slime lab with readily available materials, many of which are found around the home. An introductory chapter is followed by a list of the necessary materials and a basic slime recipe and instructions, including ways to keep tidy (asking for an adult’s help appears before the table of contents). Additional chapters provide tips on how to get creative with your slime, such as adding Styrofoam beads or mixing different colored slimes together, as well as ideas on how to store slime for easy access. A short chapter provides information on the two main ingredients that help create slime, and full-color photos of slime appear on each page.
Suggestions for substitutions to the recipe encourage children to think of different materials and to find their favorite way of creating slime. A great title to encourage children to create their own science labs around a trendy activity and think independently to make something fun.

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Making Slime

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