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Cover: Memoirs of a Hamster

Seymour is the luckiest hamster, his life is perfect! He has a clean cage with wood shavings, seeds to eat, and room to run. He has a shiny, new, top of the line exercise wheel. Best of all, he has yogurt drops that are given to him by his girl, who always smothers him in kisses, bleh!

Pearl the cat enters the picture and convinces Seymour life is better outside his cage, with more sunflower seeds and yogurt drops than he could ever eat. Big goofy Buck is no help in resolving Seymour’s curiosities. It is only after Seymour escapes that he realizes Pearl is a “big fat liar!” Will Seymour ever see his perfect, safe, home again? The one he took for granted?

I once heard that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side of the fence. Someone should have taught this to Seymour. Children often think their lives would be better, “If only I had…” Memoirs of a Hamster has the potential of teaching a valuable lesson to little ones; to appreciate what they have and not waste time dreaming of an illusion.

Devin Scillian comically addresses the world of a hamster, from first person perspective, (I mean first hamster perspective) as if he interviewed a real hamster. He also gives children a glimpse into the life of a goldfish in Memoirs of a Goldfish.

Tim Bowers has created the cutest and chubbiest hamster! His ability to capture whimsical stories with art is superb. We invite you to see more of Bowers’ work by clicking here.

Children of all ages will enjoy this adorable tale about appreciating what you have. We look forward to more installments of the Memoirs series. They are excellent stories that give children, and adults for that matter, an interesting new venue for learning important life lessons.

—Childrens Bookstore Staff

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