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A Book and A Hug Reviews "He's Been a Monster All Day!"

Cover: He's Been a Monster All Day

Sitting in a lonely corner in the other room a little boy overhears his parents talking about him. “He’s been a monster all day,” his Mom tells his Dad. Well, he thinks to himself, if they think I’m a monster, then I’m going to imagine my monsterness in all of its possibilities and wow, is he an awesome monster.

The day bursts wide open with monstrous doings. Turns out he’s been a fabulous monster all along and that includes the fangs that chop metal, one oogly eye, “dinosaur scales and maybe I fly?” He’s driving those monster trucks as a monster should and he’s staying up all night because no monster is afraid of the dark. (Monsters might even cut the cheese and not apologize.)

In hilarious, mischievous and wonderfully disgusting rhymes, we follow him through his new world of monsterness and monsterosity.

But wait, after all that fun, it turns out maybe being a monster isn’t everything it could be. Maybe …just maybe it’s truly monstrous.

A love story after all.


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