Carol Odell

Carol Odell is the author of more than twenty children’s books as well as scripts for television, including Skippy and Playschool, and for the BBC. She is also a keen cook and is the author of the Countrywoman’s Cookbook, Super Sensational Sandwiches, Ice-Creams Sorbets and Frozen Delights, and co-author of Natural Health Cookbook. As a children’s book editor and writer she has also adapted classic stories in the Young Australia series, including Snugglepot and Cuddlepie, Blinky Bill and Ned Kelly.

Carol would like nothing better than to encourage children to share her joy of reading books. In Once upon a time in the kitchen she has brought together the pleasures of her life: children’s stories, good reading and cookery, and says that if just a handful of children are encouraged to explore the children’s classics from which these story extracts have been sourced in her latest book, and to discover a love of reading, her life goal will be fulfilled.

Carol lives in a house that is surely a grandchild’s delight. There is always the aroma of something cooking or just-baked, home-made games to try out, a cat to stroke, and of course a sunny nook to curl up with a good book.