Kate Hale

Kate Hale and her family live near the ocean in Scituate, Massachusetts. Kate has always lived near a New England coast, so it wasn’t a surprise when she attended college in Nova Scotia. There is definitely an ocean theme here! For fun, Kate has a lobster license and a sturdy row boat to get her out to the traps. It was this love that led her to school visits, where she demonstrates the fun art of lobstering to pre-school and elementary students. Currently, Kate works as a substitute teacher in an elementary school and provides administrative support for their special education department. Her story prior to this is very unique. Kate was an air traffic controller and for many years taught entry level controllers. She is also a paralegal which is how she developed her passion for research and a love of non-fiction---especially non-fiction children’s picture books! Kate began her writing career as a researcher for a children’s book author and is an active member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators.

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