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Cover: Road to Recovery

This series covers several species that are on their way back from probable extinction. Each book gives an overview of the animal covered food, reproduction, life patterns-and then explains how the animal earned a place on the endangered species list. Consequences of human behavior are covered in an unbiased tone. The books focus on how humans have stepped up to defend the animals and work toward their preservation. Scattered throughout each book are life and career skills, learning and innovation skills and 21st century content. Each provides further insight into the animals themselves as well as scientists who have worked to save the animals. These asides also pose thought provoking questions that require the reader to apply higher level thinking skills.

Detailed photographs accompany the text and add to the book’s visual appeal.


Amanda Jones, Librarian, Dominion Trail Elementary, Ashburn, Virginia.

Products Reviewed

Title   ATOS
Road to Recovery (16 titles)
American Alligator 5.0
American Bison 6.5
Elephant Seal 5.0
Golden Lion Tamarin 6.4
Gray Bat 4.5
Gray Whale 4.6
Gray Wolf 6.3
Karner Blue Butterfly 4.9
Key Deer 5.1
Mongolian Wild Horse 4.4
Mountain Gorilla 6.2
Whooping Crane 4.8

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