William Meyer

As a high school history teacher for over ten years, William (Bill) Meyer) has taught almost
every historic time period from the Italian Renaissance to the American Revolution. He says,
“I’ve worked in urban districts from Detroit to New York City, but also in suburban schools like
Scarsdale and Bronxville. However, regardless of the place or the students no topic has piqued
the imagination of my classes as intensely as the study of Ancient Egypt.” As a result of both
their interest and his own childhood curiosity about the mysteries of that era, he wrote the
Horace j. Edwards and the Time Keepers series. In many ways the series reflects his experiences
as both a kid and a teacher. Travelling around the world to places like London, Paris, and Rome,
his interest and studies of the past have come to life. For Bill, whether it is teaching in the
classroom or presenting to a larger audience, the past is more than just a group of facts to be
memorized and timelines to be shared; it’s a window into a deeper understanding of ourselves
and the world we live in. He was born in Detroit, and currently lives with his wife in New York.