Errata for Whole-y Cow!: Fractions Are Fun

Cover: Whole-y Cow!: Fractions Are Fun

We try to keep our books accurate, but sometimes mistakes creep in. This page lists the errors submitted by our astute readers. If you've found a new error, please submit it.

Format Ed Page Type Description Status
Hardcover 2010 5 Suggestion This book is filled with mathematical errors. The most important first fraction concept for young children is "equal parts" and the "parts" on pages 5-7, 9, and 11 above are not equal. The pictures, although beautiful, are inaccurate and would lead children to misconceptions about fractions. The pictures should show "equal parts" which they do not. The word "reduces" used on the answer page should be "simplifies" because reduce means to make smaller and changing 2/4 to 1/2 does not make the fraction smaller, it simplifies it. I strongly recommend that you pull this product out of circulation until the pictures can be replaced with mathematically accurate pictures. Submitted