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A Review of "Track that Scat!" in The Midwest Book Review

Cover: Track that Scat!

Track that Scat! is a picturebook about discovering the traces of common woodland creatures, including rabbits, chickadees, red foxes, and Canada geese. A young girl and her faithful dog venture on a woodland hike, and observe the tracks and feces of different animals (sometimes the girl accidentally steps in the scat – good thing she’s wearing boots)! Each two-page spread features a colorful picture of an animal, rhyming read-aloud story text up top, and a brief educational section of text at the bottom, including silhouettes of each animal’s types of tracks and waste. An educational, nature-minded storybook, Track that Scat! is just plain fun to read aloud, provided that neither the parents nor the children are squeamish about what animals do in the woods!

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