Tig Ripley Hard Rock

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Cover: Tig Ripley Hard Rock

In this sequel to Tig Ripley: Rock 'n' Roll Rebel, things are looking up for the girls of Pandora's Box. Following their successful appearance in the University of Alabama student TV commercial, Tig and the other members of Pandora's Box are eager to be taken seriously as a rock band. But the high drama of middle-school life rears its head. First, the girls finally tire of Kyra's lack of commitment and refusal to improve her bass skills. Tig can only defend her cousin just so much. Then to add to the Kyra problem, Robbie wants to bring in a new member to the band. This new girl really sets Tig's teeth on edge. Is Tig losing her bestie status with Robbie? And now, topping everything off, Tig can't stop thinking about Will Mason. Seeing him together with bandmate Olivia is agonizing. Tig is trying to do her best as leader but will all these struggles pull Pandora's Box apart just when it looks like musical success is around the corner?

Table of Contents

  • Chapter One
  • Chapter Two
  • Chapter Three
  • Chapter Four
  • Chapter Five
  • Chapter Six
  • Chapter Seven
  • Chapter Eight
  • Chapter Nine
  • Chapter Ten
  • Chapter Eleven
  • Chapter Twelve
  • Chapter Thirteen
  • Chapter Fourteen
  • Chapter Fifteen
  • Chapter Sixteen
  • Chapter Seventeen
  • Chapter Eighteen
  • Chapter Nineteen
  • Chapter Twenty
  • Chapter Twenty-One
  • Chapter Twenty-Two
  • Chapter Twenty-Three
  • Chapter Twenty-Four
  • Chapter Twenty-Five
  • Chapter Twenty-Six
  • Chapter Twenty-Seven
  • Chapter Twenty-Eight
  • Chapter Twenty-Nine
  • Chapter Thirty
  • Chapter Thirty-One
  • Chapter Thirty-Two
  • Chapter Thirty-Three
  • Chapter Thirty-Four
  • Chapter Thirty-Five
  • Chapter Thirty-Six
  • Chapter Thirty-Seven
  • Chapter Thirty-Eight
  • Chapter Thirty-Nine
  • Chapter Forty
  • Chapter Forty-One
  • Chapter Forty-Two
  • Chapter Forty-Three
  • Chapter Forty-Four
  • Chapter Forty-Five
  • Chapter Forty-Six
  • Chapter Forty-Seven
  • Chapter Forty-Eight
  • Chapter Forty-Nine
  • Chapter Fifty
  • Chapter Fifty-One
  • Chapter Fifty-Two
  • Chapter Fifty-Three
  • Chapter Fifty-Four
  • About the Author



  • Hardcover (9781585369478): 368 pages, 5.5 (w) x 8.5 (h), © 2017, 03/15/2017
  • Paperback (9781585369485): 368 pages, 5.5 (w) x 8.5 (h), © 2017, 03/15/2017
  • PDF (9781634723978): 368 pages, 5.5 (w) x 8.5 (h), © 2017, 03/15/2017
  • Hosted ebook (9781634724272): 368 pages, 5.5 (w) x 8.5 (h), © 2017, 03/15/2017
  • Subject: Language Arts
  • Series: Tig Ripley


  • Suggested Interest Level: Age 9 - Age 12
  • Suggested Reading Level: Grade 6
  • Lexile® Measure: 670
  • Guided Reading Level: V

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School Library Journal - Tig Ripley: Hard Rock

Gr 6-9–A well-paced sequel to Rock ‘n’ Roll Rebel. The girl band Pandora’s Box is back together and experiencing growing pains. Tig’s cousin Kyra is not pulling her weight as a musician, which may or may not be the result of her parents’ divorce. Tig has to navigate the dynamics of friends and family as she eventually decides to kick Kyra out of the band. To add to the middle school drama, a new girl from another school has taken Kyra’s place, changing the band, and another band member is dating the boy Tig likes. Rue handles all of this angst adeptly and thoughtfully without being preachy. Tig grows as the band’s leader and as a person as she befriends a former enemy, makes new friends, and finds her first love. VERDICT A strong choice for middle schoolers who are not quite ready for YA.


Author: Ginger Rue

Ginger Rue is the author of Brand-New Emily and Jump. She’s a former advice columnist for a teen magazine, and her work has appeared in Seventeen, Teen Vogue, Girls’ Life, Family Circle, and other publications. She is currently a contributing editor for Guideposts. Ginger lives in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, with her husband, two daughters, and stepson.