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Cover: Teach Me To Love Cover: First Day at Zoo School Cover: Kay Kay's Alphabet Safari

Dog Days of Summer!

Cover: W is for Woof: A Dog Alphabet

W is for Woof: A Dog Alphabet

What walks on four legs, runs in a 1,150-mile race, detects bombs, tracks bad guys, and still enjoys an afternoon of chasing Frisbees? It's Canis familiaris, otherwise known as the dog… More »

New for Spring 2014 Cover: Ferry Tail

Ferry Tail

Walter the ferry dog loved to greet cars as they came on board each morning. Fetching the captain's newspaper and tasting the cook's bacon were Walter's other important jobs. Cupcake the Cat… More »

New for Spring 2014 Cover: Dozer's Run

Dozer's Run

Dozer the Goldendoodle has a wonderful life! He and his best friend, Chica, belong to a loving family. They have warm beds to sleep in, enough food to eat, and plenty of room in their yard to… More »